Saturday, October 29, 2011

13 weeks & 2 years!

So here is a fun little comparison...As you can see I am much bigger this go around. I was really terrible about taking pictures so this is one of maybe 3 belly pics I have from Charlie, but it's exactly 13 weeks...which is also what I am today so I took a pic to compare. I had a little bit of a belly I never lost from Charlie so I knew I was going to show sooner. It will be fun to compare the 38 week pic I took the day I went in to have Charlie...

So as I said, I'm 13 weeks today with Baby B (my nickname for baby since we aren't going to find out the gender until birth day) It's been a bit of a rough pregnancy so far, but I'm FINALLY starting to feel better. It's been about the same sickness wise as I was with Charlie. Started at 6 weeks exactly, peaked at about 8-12 weeks. I'm on medication to keep from puking everyday(which I still end up doing some days) and I've been able to wean myself almost completely off of it. I've had 2 doctor appts so at 6 weeks were we did an u/s and saw the tiny little heartbeat and one at 10 weeks were I heard the strong baby heartbeat :) 179 bmp, which is pretty fast and according to the old wives tale means it's a girl (though I googled it and there are way more sites saying it ISN'T true, but just throwing it out there).

For those that don't know my due date is 5/5/2012. Yep, Cinco de Mayo! I would LOVE for that to be the actual birthday b/c I am a numbers girl and I love a double number. Charlie's bday is 10/10/2009 so it would be so cool for baby B's to be 5/5. But, it could go either way. Trey's bday is 4/29 and Amy/Shane's is 5/12 so either way would be cool. We will just have to wait and see.

So, like I said, we are doing the gender surprise bit. We are super excited about it (though some of our friends aren't so excited ;). We have a few personal reasons for wanting a surprise, but also we just honestly don't have a preference either way so it makes it easy to wait. If it's a boy: I will be so happy, Charlie get's a brother, Trey and I get another little boy, we have ALL boy stuff, etc. If it's a girl: It will probably be a shock, but SO exciting. I of course would LOVE to have a daughter and Trey & Charlie would love it too, they just don't know it yet :) Not that Trey doesn't want a girl, he def does...he just doesn't know what to expect so he's a little hesitant...

So that's the update on the pregnancy and Baby B. I go back to the doctor Nov. 8th for my 14 week appt.

On to Charlie he's 2 now!! It's crazy I have a 2 year old!! He is really becoming more and more verbal and fun. He also has def started showing his stubborn side...oh man terrible 2's! He is 25 lbs and about 34 inches. He's only gained 2 lbs since his 18 month appt, but he's grown 3 or 4 inches. He's def a skinny boy and he's about average height. He has a pretty short torso so he can actually still wear some 18 month sized clothes.

He loves, I repeat LOVES to play outside. Poor kid got deprived during our extremely hot summer. We go outside in the back yard or on a wagon ride everyday. He loves to slide and just run around in the grass and throw a ball around.

He started going to Mother's Day Out at our church once a week from 9:30-2:30. At first he wasn't so sure about it, but now he loves it. He doesn't cry at all anymore when I leave him. Last week he did poke his lip out a little, but I just said bye and he said "see ya!" :) So cute. The teachers tell me he has a lot of fun and is one of their best nappers.

Speaking of napping he's in a weird sleep pattern lately...actually it's not really a pattern. He forever has been sleeping from 7:30pm-7ish am and then napping from 12:30-2:30 or 3. Well then he started sleeping more...sleeping till 8 or 8:30 in the mornings and napping until 3:30 or later. Then out of no where one day he will just refuse a nap all together. He did that 3 times this week! But the other days he would take a 3 hour nap!! It's been crazy, but oh well.

He's my little buddy for sure. He is doing and saying all sorts of fun things. He can count to 3...well sort of...he says 1, 2, 1 or sometimes he says 2,2,2!! Guess he likes 2. He loves Goofy (whom he affectionately calls Goo Goo) he has started saying "Oh Gawrsh!" just like Goofy. He loves to play with his swords and his bbq pit Nonnie & Pops got him for his bday.

Here are a few recent pics...

Heading out for his 1st day of "school" (mother's day out)

Drinking some water to stay hydrated hahaha.
Playing in the blankets...
This week we went to a pumpkin patch one day. He had a ton of fun...
Apparently he was saying Oh Dear! here...not sure why...

Whoops....Oh Dear!!

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  1. i was so excited to see you posted a blog post! YAY! And thanks for sharing the fun pictures of Charlie. i miss him...(and you).