Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Helmet Graduation!!

Well we had some great news this week! On Tuesday we went for an adjustment appointment for Charlie's helmet. They looked at his head and were like...wow he has had great growth, let's go scan his head. So we went down to the scanning room and did the scan. After they evaluated all the numbers (symmetry, circumference, etc.) they told us he had met all of his goals and the back of his head was now 99.9% symmetrical! They told us it's not "perfect", still a little flat in some areas, but if we are happy with how it looked we could be done! We didn't hesitate...we had been saying for a week or so that his head was really looking great. I also felt like the helmet was really holding him back developmentally and was ready to have it off. So, we are done!! It was so exciting and unexpected. I went back through my pictures and unfortunately I don't have any really good before shots of his head...here are the only two I could find...

And here is after...beautiful!

We've had the helmet off for a few days now and it has been so great. I had forgotten how nice it was to cuddle and hold my baby with his fuzzy head next to my face. We are so grateful that that chapter of our life is done! Thank you God for providing ways to correct problems so quickly without surgery!

Now on to the random picture portion of our post...

Signing Grammy & Nonnie's (Grand)mother's Day cards...

Hook 'em?? As Aunt Amy says...a tasty Hook 'em!!

Reeeeeach for it!!!
Oh we also have started putting Charlie in the carts at stores now since he is doing so great at sitting up. It is much easier on me when I'm by myself with him (don't have to carry the huge carseat or push the stroller). Here are a few shots from our first attempt at Target...

Blinded! Sorry!


The following are my attempts to get a picture of him smiling...he moves too much!!!

And finally some oldies but goodies I found on Trey's phone...

Maybe 1 day old...he had jaundice so he had to wear the little protective glasses...hence the velcro on his temples.

Somewhere around a week or two old.
Maybe 3 months old...not sure.
Pretty recent, but I love his face in the mirror!!
Hahaha so sad.....
Charlie LOVES it when I jump out and yell boo at him...he is a video of it. Enjoy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Picture/Video Update

So, as promised here is an update on Charlie man. He is currently one week away from being 7 months old (what?!). I can't find my paper from his 6 month check up so I don't remember his weight and height...but it was in the 50th percentile. He is currently wearing size 9 months in most clothes...6-9 months in pajamas ...size 2-3 diapers. His head is looking great! We go tomorrow for an adjustment appointment. So, I'll update later this week on that...hopefully I can post a before and after pic of where we are so far. He does have one tooth on the bottom and I'm pretty sure the one next to it is on it's way. He's been sleeping relatively well lately and "talking" a lot more. He is rolling to both sides, but has only made it on to his tummy twice (I tricked him by having him reach for a toy...but he figured that out quick). He can do it, he just doesn't want to. He is sitting up REALLY good by himself. He has started eating some baby food...so far we've tried green beans, sweet potatoes, applesauce, prunes, and carrots. So far I haven't found anything he doesn't like :) I think that's it for now...so enjoy the pics & videos!

Just woke up from a nap...

Smiling at Daddy.Trey calls this the pirate paci...only real pirates use it upside down. (Notice he is trying to blow it out of his mouth though :)

Napping on his side...I started trying to get him to nap on his side so when we get the helmet off he doesn't just sleep on his back.
Practice sitting and the funny faces that follow...

Kaboom!Also, we finally finished decorating the new helmet. See below...

Prince Charming for sure!

Ok, so this one I need to explain. Trey got a haircut and then when he got home he was playing with Charlie and tickling him and kissing him...once he was done we looked and Charlie has a beard!! It was really funny, but a pain to clean up.

Happy boy...in this one you can kind of see his little tooth.

Thumbs up? Not to be confused with gig 'em.
Sic' Em bears? Sorry Amy, Hook 'Em is a little too complex at this point :)

Sitting and playing with his music.

And finally, does it make me a bad Mom that I think these are totally adorable?


Talking to Momma.