Thursday, July 29, 2010

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for... somehow time totally got away from me. Each night over the past month after I've put Charlie to bed I think...hmmm I should go blog for my family to see how Charlie is doing...but oh the peace and quiet is like a siren song. I just want to lay on the couch and watch One Tree Hill (I'm watching the old seasons I missed starting from the beginning on Netflix). Before I knew it, it was the end of July...Charlie is almost 10...that's right...10 months old and I have updated since end of June. So to all you Charlie fans...I apologize...and without further ado...


Alright. So, Charlie man went to his 9 month check up on 7/13. We found out...he really is a little man. He weighed 18 lbs 12 oz (25%) and was 27.5 in long (25%). I could have sworn he was over 20 lbs, but oh well...maybe he is just going to be short and skinny. It's not like any of us are giants anyways. The DR. went over a check list of his development and he was pretty much on target except a couple things. He is slightly behind on gross motor skills (crawling, pulling up, etc.), but on the up side he is at the top of the chart in fine motor skills (picking up small objects, etc.) and verbal (oh man he jabbers and yells all day). This has pretty much been his status quo for his whole life so we weren't too surprised. He didn't have to get any shots so that was good. Overall, good appointment.

That same day we had his "progress" evaluation for his physical therapy. The therapist and I came to the conclusion that his neck is doing really great. He has the occasional "head tilt-y" days where his neck is a little tight and he tilts his head to the side (you may notice this in some of the pictures/videos), but he CAN correct it when she tests him so he is just holding it that way that particular day for comfort or because he is teething or tired. She also would like to see him catch up some on gross motor skills...but Charlie does things on his OWN time so we're just going to keep working on it until he decides he's ready. So the final conclusion was that she is still going to come see us once a month until we feel he is totally caught up.

So, what's he up to these days you ask??? He isn't crawling yet, but he is pushing with his feet on his belly when he really wants something. He is showing interest in wanting to pull up on things, but isn't quite strong enough yet. He is the most smiley, laughing, talking little boy I've ever seen. He hasn't really said any words "per se" but he says ma, da, ba sounds and sometimes just jabbers craziness. He just recently learned to clap and jump in his jumper (videos to follow :) He has 5 teeth now! The bottom two he's had for a while. He just started getting his bottom right and his top two front all in about a weeks time...yikes. But, the worst part of that is over and now he is just MR. toothy grins now. He's gotten a lot more hair too. Eyes are still greenish. He's wearing size 3 diapers and some size 9 month and some 12 month clothes. He drinks pretty good out of his cups and recently learned how to drink out of one with a straw. He drinks diluted juice and occasionally I give him some formula in a cup (on days where he doesn't nurse good...DR. said since his weight is on the low end it isn't a bad idea to give him a little extra calories via formula). He is eating all types of baby foods now. He especially loves baby yogurt and fruits. We are trying to add in "chunkier" textures...which he isn't too fond of...but we're working on it. Also, trying to get in some of the meat and vegetable baby food...but again...not too fond.

He's on a pretty good schedule now. He gets up about 7am nurses, plays, then eats breakfast about 8:30am. He nurses again then goes down for his first nap about 9:30 and usually sleeps about an hour and a half. Plays some more then eats lunch, plays some more. (Man he has the good life). Nurses again then goes down for his second nap about 2:30...sleeps anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on the day. Plays some more...eats dinner...bath...nurses...bed about 7:30. Yep that's my life people...crazy huh??

Overall he has really "come out of his shell" recently and I can see the little boy he will soon become. He loves social interaction and is such a flirt (please pray for me :) He has a little bit of a temper sometimes (again...prayer) but he absolutely amazing and I am so thankful to have him in my life.

Thanks for checking in on Charlie and enjoy the following pictures/videos of our precious Little Man!

"Reading" his book.

I love his crazy bed head in this pic!

He was kind of out of it for these pictures...a little sleepy and it was a little bright so he is squinting in all of them.

Daddy and Charlie on the 4th's 1st 4th!

Showing off his teeth! Actually just getting ready for a drink.

The face!
Oh my...this day he was sitting a little too close to the toy bucket...
Giving bunny kisses... to eat bunny...typical boy.
"What's left in here"

Whoops...the aftermath!

He's started doing this in the car. It looks like he is holding on for dear life...maybe he doesn't like Daddy's driving :)
Mr. Crooked Grin.
My sweet baby boy!

A couple of laughing videos...
Laughing at me when I throw his paci

Laughing at me when I throw his keys...this is THE hardest I have EVER seen him laugh.

That talking (and temper) I was talking about...

Drinking out of his cup and flicking his straw which he thinks is HILARIOUS.



Sharing his toys with his "friend" in the mirror :)

Jumping and playing with Daddy...

PS - Lord this took forever to enjoy it people!! I gave up my quiet time and watching SYTYCD for this! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Charlie blog...coming soon!

I'm mostly doing this particular blog post so my Dad can't say he checked it and "Charlie was still sucking on that big toe" referring to my June 24th post that has been up for a month now...well I did upload all the pictures I have and went through to pick pictures to post...I do however want to try and get a couple of things on video tomorrow (Charlie has learned to clap :) and then I promise I will do a lengthy update post on Charlie man with lots of pictures and videos, so....


But for now...Charlie says hi...