Saturday, October 23, 2010

Charlie update & first hair cut

Oh my word...I'm a terrible blogger. I realize the last real blog I did about Charlie was three months ago. I'm sorry!! Time just gets away from me and it's hard to sit down and blog. I don't quite have all the pictures uploaded that I want to share, but I thought I would go ahead and blog about what I do have. Also, I'll give all of Charlie's adoring fans an update.

Charlie is 1 year old! Unbelievable. A lot has changed since the last time I updated on here. Here are a few things that have changed over the past 3 months...

At his 1 year check up he was 20lbs 12.5 oz (25%) and 29 inches tall (25%) still a little man. Dr. was pleased with his development and overall health. We've been really lucky and he's only had a couple of runny noses over the last year. He wears size 3 or 4 diapers and pretty much wears size 12 month clothes. He can still sort of fit in some 9 month clothes. He's totally caught up on all developmental milestones. He is all over the place now. He can crawl, pull up on anything he can get his hands on, and will walk a few steps holding on to his walking toys. He hasn't stood up by himself yet though. He doesn't really say words yet, but oh man does he "talk". From the moment he wakes up (literally) he is talking in full sentences to whoever will listen (even if we have no idea what the heck he is saying). I'll ask him questions and he will respond in his crazy babble. He is most definitely going to be a talker like his daddy. He has started pointing at some things when he wants them and he understands when I say some things to him like look at me or get the ball.

He has 9 teeth now! All 8 of the front and 1 molar. He is working on getting the other 3 molars soon too. You would think with all those teeth he would be eating anything he can get his hands on right...well no. He is pretty picky (can't say I blame him...I'm the same way). He is currently eating some baby food still, but will also eat cheese slices, bananas, yogurt, pasta (sometimes), and sometimes bread, crackers, cookies. I try to give him new stuff everyday, but it's a slow process :)

Since the last update he has graduated from physical therapy! Yay! The therapist came to the last visit and said she was happy with his neck and development and was totally caught up. So we are officially done with that.

Also since the last update, we quit breastfeeding at about 10 months old. He wasn't interested anymore and my supply was going down, so we switched to formula. Oh and he's quit the paci also. Now that he is 1 we have switched him to whole milk. He drinks milk out of his cup all day then at night I am still giving him one bottle of formula before bed. I'm going to slowly work our way off that. Since he is so skinny I just want to make sure he's really getting some good calories. Nap times have been "interesting" since we quit the day bottles. Each day there is less crying (on Charlie's part, not mine...though I feel like it sometimes :) and he falls asleep on his own faster. He's learned to pull up on his crib, but can't get down by himself so I've had to go in there and lay him back down a few times.

He is such a social little guy. He grins and waves at everyone. He is such a joy to have in my life and I am so blessed that I get to spend every day with him. It has been the most amazing year of our lives and we never knew the amount of love, joy, happiness, laughter, and sweet moments he would bring to us. We thank God every night for him and his health and development. We are so blessed to have all of the family and friends who love him just as much as we do. So, now, for all of you, here are a few pictures of our big boy!!

As most of you know we took a trip to Disney World a couple weeks ago to celebrate Charlie's birthday. Trey has most of those pictures on his laptop so I'll have to do a post about the actual bday and trip later. I do however have the pictures of Charlie's first haircut. In Disney World at the Magic Kingdom (the park with the castle where Trey proposed to me) they have a little barber shop tucked back in the corner of Main Street. This is a real functioning barber shop that anyone can get a haircut. I found out through a website that they also will do "baby's first haircut" there. They did such a great job. They also gave us some mouse ears that say "First Haircut" and a certificate with the date on it and they seal up a little lock of baby's hair for you to take home. For those of you who know how darn sentimental I am about keeping things this was amazing for me!!! So here are a few pictures of the haircut. He did such a great job and pretty much just played with the stickers and ignored the lady the whole time.

Charlie and me waiting for his turn in the barber chair.

The lady applying the Mickey stickers that are used to distract.
The cut begins.
"He lady what are you doing??"
Ok I posted this one because in this picture he reminds me SO much of Shane when he was little. I think it's the eyes.

Eating a sticker...
All done!

Daddy with Charlie after the cut.
He almost got away from him there lol!

Here we are after the haircut. This is our traditional picture at the spot Trey proposed. No Trey isn't doing the peace sign...we are keeping track of how many times Charlie has been...this is #2.
Here is #1 back in May...

Back to this is sleepy Charlie and me on Winnie the Pooh ride.

Here is Daddy and Charlie (and Granpa in the background) on the boat from Magic Kingdom to Wilderness Lodge.

We had a great relaxing trip. I'll have a post soon about it and about his other birthday party with my family (waiting on pictures for that too).